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BPNA's Membership: Building Connections and Growing Together

In the dynamic landscape of professional networking, forging meaningful connections and accessing resources tailored to your career stage is pivotal. The Black Professionals Network Association (BPNA) recognizes this need and has meticulously crafted a membership structure designed to empower individuals and organizations across various career stages. Let's delve into the tiers of BPNA's membership, catering to students, young professionals, seasoned experts, and forward-thinking corporations.

1. Student Member

Eligibility: Currently enrolled in an educational institution.

Annual Fee: $25 (Currently $0)


  • Access to BPNA Career Launcher Program

  • Invitation to student-only networking events

  • Access to a library of professional development resources

  • Monthly newsletter

2. Young Professional Member

Eligibility: Professionals under the age of 30.

Annual Fee: $50 (Currently $0)


  • All Student Member benefits plus:

  • Access to job boards

  • Eligibility for mentorship programs

  • Free or discounted entry to BPNA events

  • Access to webinars and training

3. Professional Member

Eligibility: Any individual actively engaged in a profession.

Annual Fee: $100


  • All Young Professional Member benefits plus:

  • Opportunity to participate in industry-specific focus groups

  • Priority access to high-profile BPNA events

  • Access to webinars and training

4. Corporate Member

Eligibility: Black-led Businesses and organizations.

Annual Fee: $500


  • Employee access to Professional Member benefits

  • Logo placement on BPNA website

  • Networking opportunities with BPNA leadership

  • Month-long media feature

  • Access to Artificial Intelligence Productivity tools

5. Corporate Affiliate Member

Eligibility: Open to all who wish to contribute above and beyond to support BPNA’s mission.

Annual Fee: $1,500


  • Opportunity to sponsor a Student or Young Professional Member

  • Priority seating at high-profile BPNA events

  • Quarterly exclusive meetings with BPNA board members

  • Month-long media feature

BPNA's membership structure not only fosters personal and professional growth but also cultivates a vibrant community committed to uplifting Black professionals and businesses. Whether you're a student embarking on your career journey, a seasoned professional seeking new opportunities, or a corporation dedicated to diversity and inclusion, BPNA provides a platform for collaboration, mentorship, and advancement.

Join BPNA today and unlock a world of possibilities where networking isn't just a buzzword but a pathway to success. Embrace the power of connection with BPNA – where your aspirations meet limitless opportunities.

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