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Featured Businesses

Exciting partnership opportunities await with BPNA! Explore our featured businesses below for a glimpse into the endless potential. Join us in shaping success! 🌟


CANGRO AGRIFOODS INC. - Revolutionizing Agriculture


In the heart of Ontario, Canada, the story of CanGro AgriFoods Inc. unfolded as a beacon of agricultural transformation. At its helm stood a dynamic duo – CEO Fuseinat Brimah and COO Bintu Adama – who shared a profound passion for nurturing both the land and the dreams of farmers.

Fuseinat Brimah, with her visionary spirit, envisioned a world where farming was not just a livelihood, but a journey of innovation. Her deep-rooted connection to the earth and a vision for sustainable agriculture ignited the spark that would become CanGro's guiding light.

Bintu Adama, as COO, brought strategic acumen to fuse Fuseinat's vision with actionable steps. Her unwavering commitment to farmers' success ensured that every endeavor undertaken by CanGro was driven by practicality and impact.

Together, they led CanGro Agrifoods Inc. on a mission to empower farmers comprehensively. CanGro's story was etched with a commitment to understanding the intricate stages of farming – from planting the first seed to harvesting the final crop. Their service framework was designed to envelop farmers with support, guidance, and resources at every crucial juncture.

With robust agricultural management solutions, CanGro became a steadfast partner for farmers across Ontario. Through workshops, personalized consultations, and innovative tools, they equipped farmers with the means to optimize their practices and elevate their yields.

As seasons changed, so did CanGro's impact. Fields that were once merely patches of soil blossomed into bountiful landscapes, bearing witness to the power of knowledge and support. Farmers found themselves not just tending to crops, but cultivating dreams with the guidance of Fuseinat, Bintu, and the CanGro team.


Lighting Up Windsor Essex with Osmosis Glow

In the midst of the 2020 pandemic chaos, Chayron Rennie stepped into the entrepreneurial spotlight with Osmosis Glow, a venture that adds a touch of brightness to life's darker moments.

Osmosis Glow, born during the lockdown, isn't just a business for Chayron — it's his way of bringing positivity and creativity to the forefront. Blending art, technology, and good vibes, Chayron's venture is a unique take on how to stay creative in tough times.

The name Osmosis Glow sums up Chayron's cool approach. Inspired by the idea of osmosis, where things mix and mingle, Osmosis Glow is about blending smart ideas, modern tech, and artistic expression. It's more than just making signs; it's about giving them meaning and making them shine.

Osmosis Glow's main gig? Crafty custom signs. Carefully put together, these signs are more than good looks — they're a mix of creative flair and skilled work. When they light up, they're not just signs; they're little beacons of hope and good vibes, capturing what Chayron envisioned.

To learn more, check out the website below!

This feature is in partnership with Southwestern Ontario Black Entrepreneurship Network (SWOBEN) led by Empowerment Squared supported by FedDev Ontario.

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